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GSA Position of the Gun Debate
The sheriffs took an oath to support the Constitution and will stand by the 2nd Amendment. The sheriffs will aggressively oppose Federal or State Legislation which infringes upon law abiding citizen's right to bear arms. We further agreed to support any legislation that would effectively penalize criminals who use firearms in the commission of crimes.

Sheriff Reggie Rachals

Sheriff Reggie Rachals

  • Sheriff since January 1, 2009
  • 31 years GA. P.O.S.T Certified
    L.E. Officer
  • Started working at the L.C.S.O in April 1989 with 6.5 years experience from the Albany Police Dept.
  • Officer of the Year in Lee County & Albany Police Dept.
  • Iron Man Award L.C.S.O.
  • Region 7 GA Sheriff's Association Regional VP since 2011
"It is an honor to serve as Sheriff of Lee County. My pledge to you is to be the best Sheriff I can be by giving the citizens what they deserve, a working Sheriff who cares for the safety and security of everyone. By being totally accountable and responsive to all citizens no matter who you are or where you live in the county. I promise to work with everyone using an open door policy. I further promise to enforce the law equal to everyone. I appreciate the support that you give my staff and myself as we perform a difficult job in very uncertain times.

On a personal note, 27 years ago I married the girl of my dreams, started my career in law enforcement, and built a small house in Lee County. Twenty seven years later I am still married to the girl of my dreams, still live in the same house, and I am dedicated more than ever to law enforcement and serving the people of Lee County. I am proud to say that my wife and I raised two wonderful girls here in Lee County. Now the oldest daughter and her husband are raising my two grandchildren here. Our youngest daughter just recently got married and she and her husband live in Albany.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let my staff or me know! Contact us either by phone, email, or regular mail. Let us know what your questions, comments, or needs are. I am looking forward for your input and serving you as your Sheriff."

Reggie Rachals, Sheriff

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